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Lately we, a member of the NARITA Group, have conducted business focusing on design and manufacturing of a firing furnace for manufacturing light bulbs and various processing facilities associated with it.
In addition to these manufacturing facilities, we have started to make efforts to enter a new field.
Fortunately, because we have been engaged in manufacturing CCFL manufacturing facilities for LCD televisions, we consider that we could not only cultivate our capabilities in delicate machine design in addition to the combustion technology of Osaka Gas Co., Ltd. but also continue to devote ourselves to our control technology that are customers have highly rated.

 At present, we are continuing our business operations to go back to our foundation, streamline the company structure which we ignored during a busy period, and manufacture products in consideration of the environment based on various energy-saving technologies which are our areas of specialty as before.
Also, we have made investments in order to strengthen our relationship with NARITA Gas Appliance (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., one of the group companies.
NARITA Gas Appliance is pushing forward with constructing a factory to start manufacturing industrial furnaces. It is scheduled to finish this construction in October.
We expect this factory will be a great help to us in globalizing the Group, and we have also started activities by taking an opportunity to make full use of the technological capabilities we have accumulated so far in China.
We will continue to improve ourselves so that we can respond to the needs of our customers and be highly rated by them.
Ichiunari Narita, Representative Director

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